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During the end of winter, the next thing that happens is the rising of the temperature and this will be the signal for people to start their spring cleaning. One way to start the cleaning is by dusting off the cobwebs from winter and also cleaning your windowsills. Despite the cleaning, there will always be one part of your home that is neglected and that is your air conditioner.

Preparing your air conditioner even before the start of summer is a very good practice just like what when you also prepared for your furnace before winter started. Remember that your entire HVAC system is your key on having a comfortable life despite the heat of summer, therefore, it is just right that you take time to have it checked by a professional HVAC contractor.

It should be a practice for you to check your air conditioning unit even before summer starts to know if there are any potential problems seen. It should be your task to ensure that the air filters are changed regularly as a way of maintenance to your unit. If you didn't change your air filters in a regular basis, the tendency is for your unit's life span to decrease and worse is that your electric bill will also rise because your air filters consume higher energy. When you buy the air filters, remember that they should come from the recommendation of the heating and cooling Independence MO system manufacturer that you have.

You should also make sure that you clean the air returns and registers of your air conditioning unit. In order for your cooling system to have a clean air, the vents and registers must be free from dust and also be opened properly. You should also check if the ductwork is properly sealed because if there's leakage or loosening, the cool air looses that will cause for your cooling costs to shoot.

Your evaporator coil must also be free from dust and dirt. There are special cleaners that are invented to cater to the refrigerant coils, too. However, you cannot just access the evaporator coil anytime since it is really difficult. The only thing that you can do right now is to hire a professional HVAC contractor so that there is proper process and maintenance for your unit.

You should not allow any debris to enter you outdoor air conditioning unit. You should also remove the leaves and any sign of overgrowth so that your outdoor unit will have enough space to maintain its proper airflow. Water must be kept away from the unit as much as possible because this will be a source of premature rusting and corrosion.

Always remember to hire only a reputable HVAC contractor to do everything for your cooling system. Go to to read more about this.